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Bamboo Rod Ferrule Finials

Ferrule Finials

(Enlarge Image)


The Patagonian Ferrule Finial

(Enlarge Image)


Custom Grip / Seat Assemblies

Cap & Ring inlayed grip_seat assemblies

(Enlarge Image)


G. Runnels grip_seat assembly

(Enlarge Image)

Afzelia Burl w/ Claro Walnut inlayed fly reel seat and matching grip; matching Afzelia Burl reel handle and Ferrule Finial.  Blued Cap & Ring hardware.


The Caleufu with Willow Classic reel.

(Enlarge Image)

Exhibition Grade Amboyna Burl w/ Claro Walnut inlayed Cap & Ring fly rod seat and matching grip.  Flor Grade Portuguese cork.  Shown with Willow Classic reel.


Patagonian Rosewood cap & ring seat.

(Enlarge Image)  

Patagonian Rosewood cap and ring fly rod seat and grip with composite cork inlays.


Custom Reel Seats


Classic Series

Figured Cocobolo

(Enlarge Image)

Figured Cocobolo fly reel seat w/ Nickel Silver hardware.  Matching endcap w/ turned Nickel Silver butt tack, matching Grip Tip and Nickel Silver winding check.


Stabilized Figured Poplar

(Enlarge Image)

Stabilized Figured Poplar fly reel seat w/ Nickel Silver hardware.  Matching endcap w/ turned Nickel Silver butt tack, matching Grip Tip and Nickel Silver winding check.


Inlayed Series


(Enlarge Image)

Birdseye Maple Spinning reel seat with Cocobolo Inlays, matching Grip Tip and winding check.  Jasper, metallic Gold, and medium Green trim wraps.  Fuji Frosted Silver 16mm hardware.


Claro Walnut / Black Cherry Burl Inlayed Series Fly Reel Seat

(Enlarge Image)

Claro Walnut w/ Black Cherry Burl inlays, matching Grip Tip and winding check.  Jasper, metallic Gold, and metallic Bronze trim wraps.  Shown w/ Nickel Silver hardware.


Wrapped Series


(Enlarge Image)

Amboyna Burl Spinning reel seat w/ Jasper, metallic Gold and metallic Bronze trim wraps. Shown with Fuji 16mm Frosted Silver hardware.


Spindled Rosewood Wrapped Series fly reel seat

(Enlarge Image)

Spindled Rosewood fly reel seat with metallic Gold trim wrap, matching Grip Tip and Nickel Silver winding check.  Shown with Nickel Silver hardware. 


Traditional Series

Amboyna Burl Traditional Series fly reel seat

(Enlarge Image)

Amboyna Burl fly reel seat with matching Grip Tip and Nickel Silver winding check.  Shown with Nickel Silver hardware.


Black Palm Traditional Series fly reel seat

(Enlarge Image) 

Crosscut Black Palm fly reel seat.  Shown with Nickel Silver hardware.


Custom Grip Collage

(Enlarge Image)

Standard and inlayed fly rod and spinning rod grips in Flor Grade Portuguese cork or Cork Burl.

The Gator casting guide

(Enlarge Image)

Florida Gators theme wrap on

"The Gator"

casting rod.


Hopkins and Halloway stripper guide

(Enlarge Image)

Hopkins and Halloway fly rod stripper guide on

"Yancey's Golden Boy".


(Enlarge Image)

Agate stone stripper guide on "GingerBread"

a Horrocks-Ibbotson restorod.


Klondike Rod Company



Custom Fishing Rods by Klondike Rod Company

Due to health reasons, I am currently not able to accept any custom reel seat, grip, Coronidor, or rod orders until further notice.  I'll update the web site as soon as I'm back in the shop again full time.





Fishing is our passion...our get-a-way from the daily grind.  Enhance your fishing experiences with a high performance custom built rod...personalized to your tastes and designed for the way you like to fish.


The custom rod building art is a multifaceted process which starts with the selection of a blank whose action caters to your particular casting style and the type of fishing you want to do with the rod.  Graphite and fiberglass blanks are available from the most respected suppliers in the rod building industry.  Bamboo blanks come from Abruzzi, Italy  from the shop of Massimo Tirocchi and are hand planed from Tonkin cane to proprietary tapers.  Renowned for their progressive, fast action performance, bamboo ferrules, and hollow build construction, a Tirocchi blank feels extraordinarily light in hand. 


Tirocchi bamboo ferrules


Tirocchi Bamboo Ferrules on " The Caleufu"   6' 10"   3 weight    2/2. 


(Enlarge Image)






Klondike Rod Company is pleased to announce that we have become the North American distributor for Massimo Tirocchi's hand crafted split cane blanks.  Massimo is now offering custom rod  builders his basic taper selections which will cover lengths between 6' and 9'.  Blanks will be available in 2 or 3 pieces with two tips and either bamboo or nickel silver ferrules.  Line weights range from #2 to #5.  All blanks will be custom built upon receipt of order.

North American blank pricing will be per U.S. dollars based on the Euro conversion the day which the order is placed.  Pricing does not include shipping charges which usually run around $50.00 from Italy.  As all orders will be custom produced, please allow a minimum of 30 days leadtime.


Please note that the ferrules on bamboo ferruled blanks will be pre-fit, however, they must be wrapped with your desired thread and varnished before attempting to join the tip and butt sections together or before any fine tuning can be done to the inside of the female ferrule.  Once the ferrules are wrapped and varnished, some minor filing of the inside flats of the female ferrule might be required to achieve the desired fit.  


For more information, blank specifications and pricing, please CLICK HERE


The personalization phase of the build comes next in which you'll be actively involved in the selection of:  the reel seat spacer and hardware; grip style and design; guide wrap, ferrule wrap and signature wrap colors and design; signature label and text; and rod case style. 


Over 30 different species of reel seat spacer woods are available.  Spacers can be personalized with contrasting  wood inlays and matching guide wrap thread.  Click the following to view some of the available spacer woods: Reel Seat Spacer Wood Types and Pricing Reel seat hardware options include REC Components 18% nickel silver and REC anodized aluminum nickel silver, black, pewter, and titanium smoke lightweight aluminum fly seat hardware along with Fuji spinning and casting hardware.


Classic Series Italian Olivewood

Italian Olivewood Classic Series fly reel seat w/ matching Grip Tip.  REC Components NBS nickel silver hardware and winding check. 


(Enlarge Image)




All rod grips are constructed in house with either Flor grade cork purchased directly from Portugal or cork burl and can be customized w/ wood, cork burl,  or composite cork inlays and butt caps.


Kenn Hunter grip & seat assembly

(Enlarge Image)


Fly rod running guide options include REC Components single and double foot RECOIL nickel titanium guides and Snake Brand Black Chrome snake guides.  Stripping guides from Hopkins & Halloway, Fuji, ATC and Struble "Select" nickel silver framed Agates.  Spinning and casting guide options include Fuji and ATC.


Struble & RECOIL guides

Struble "Select" 12 mm Agate stripping guide and REC Components double foot RECOIL on a Winston BIIt blank.


(Enlarge Image)





Your choice of either silk or nylon whipping threads in a myriad of colors.  A complete selection of fine Japanese 3/0 silks from FishHawk Threads and Pearsall's Chinese Bombyx silks in both Naples (4/0) and Gossamer (6/0) are available along with Gudebrod and FishHawk nylon threads. (Enlarge Image)

Guide Wraps

As one of the focal points of a custom rod, the signature wrap area tells the story of the rod;  the rod name, the rod's specifications, the owner's name, etc.  Three lines of type are available to tell the story in either a Freestyle
Script, Kunsler Script, or Commercial Script BT font in either silver or gold.  (Enlarge Image)


Signature Labels


Landmark Components aluminum rod tubes are offered in forest green, black, or silver satin anodized.  Clear Creek cordura cloth tubes are available in forest green.  Custom built Klondike hex wood cases feature Curly Maple or Eastern  Poplar woods in a hinged suitcase design. (Enlarge Image) 


Rod Cases



Click below for slideshows of several custom builds.


Additional custom rod build slideshows can be viewed in the CUSTOM ROD GALLERY sidebar. 


The Patagonian slideshow.  7' 2"  3 weight  2 piece / 2 tips.  Massimo Tirocchi blank.  (Click Here)

The Patagonian rod and case

(Enlarge Image)


7' 6"   3 weight   4 piece custom; Winston BIIt blank slideshow.  (Click Here) 

7' 6


(Enlarge Image)


The Caleufu slideshow  6' 10"  4 weight   2 piece / 2 tips.  Massimo Tirocchi blank. (Click Here)

The Caleufu rod and case

(Enlarge Image)


The Vineyard Special slideshow   7' 0"  3/4 weight   2 piece / 2 tips.  Terry Ackland blank.  (Click Here)

Hexagenia Limbata on cane 

(Enlarge Image)


Custom Spinning rods and Casting rods slideshow (Click Here)

The Knick Stick

(Enlarge Image)


Crossover Series Switch Rods





Klondike 10' 9"  "Crossover Series"  Switch Rods are available in 6, 7, 8, and 9 weight, 4 piece models.


Click Here for more Switch Rod Information.



No matter how pretty a rod is, it must also perform as good as it looks so the location of each guide on the blank is determined on each individual build through a process called Static Load Deflection testing. Careful attention is also placed on determining the rod blank's overall spine location and matching up each section of the rod to all work together to maximize casting accuracy.


Send me an email telling me a little bit about what kind of rod you're looking for (rod style, blank action, length, line weight, pieces, budget, etc.)  on the "Contact" page.  Lead-times on custom graphite rods average 60 - 90 days; bamboo lead-times are longer as the blanks are custom produced in Italy.     


For more custom rod info and pictures, visit the FAQ page.